Care Home Bedding Revolution Transforms Comfort and Wellbeing

Care Home Bedding & More is shifting from basic necessities to enhanced comfort and wellbeing.

The era of paper-thin duvets and crinkly pillows that offer minimal support is giving way to luxurious bedding that brings a "just like home" feeling to care facilities.

This change aims to significantly improve the tactile wellbeing of residents, all while adhering to necessary regulations and requirements.

Care homes are increasingly recognising the importance of quality bedding in ensuring restful sleep and overall comfort for residents. By replacing substandard bedding with plush pillows, cosy duvet covers, and soft cotton sheets, care homes are not only enhancing comfort but also promoting better health.

Soft, fire-retardant, and washable bedding that meets all safety and hygiene standards is becoming the new norm.

The importance of quality bedding:

- Plush pillows offer better neck and head support, reducing discomfort and promoting deeper, more restful sleep.

- Cosy duvet covers provide adequate warmth without the heaviness, helping residents maintain optimal body temperature throughout the night.

- Egyptian cotton sheets are renowned for their softness, adding a layer of luxury that significantly improves the tactile experience of residents.

Despite the shift towards more luxurious bedding, care homes must continue to meet strict regulations. Fire retardant properties are a non-negotiable requirement, ensuring safety remains a priority. Additionally, the bedding must be easily washable to maintain hygiene standards. Products offered by Care Home Bedding & More are designed to meet this criteria without compromising on comfort.

Studies have shown that a comfortable sleeping environment can have a profound impact on mental and physical health. High-quality bedding contributes to a better night's sleep, which is crucial for the elderly, who often suffer from sleep disorders. Good sleep hygiene can lead to improvements in mood, cognitive function, and overall quality of life.

One care home in the Midlands recently revamped its bedding setup, opting for high-quality, home-like bedding. The feedback from residents and the care teams has been overwhelmingly positive. Residents report feeling more comfortable and at ease, while staff have noticed improvements in the mood and engagement levels of those in their care.

The shift towards high-quality bedding in care homes represents a significant step forward in enhancing resident comfort and wellbeing. By prioritising the tactile experience care homes can provide a more home-like, supportive environment.

Care Home Bedding & More believe that every person who chooses to live in a care home deserves a tailored sleep experience. Our bedding menu offers a variety of textures, fabrics, and designs, allowing care homes to create a personalised perfect night’s sleep for each resident. Take a look here

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